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Shakepay is available on both desktop computers and smartphone devices. Desktop users of any operating system can access the exchange via their web browsers, while the Shakepay app is also available on the Google Play and iOS app stores. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always contact customer support by email or live chat. Unfortunately, the website does not offer phone support, but the support team is responsive and helpful and will try and resolve your issue as soon as possible. It really depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use platform with a crypto card, Shakepay is the way to go.

  1. I received responses within 24 hours each time which is faster than many other cryptocurrency exchanges.
  2. The company is hard to talk to and they aren’t helping us at all – we will never use them again.
  3. Shakepay makes money on the spread, which is built into the price when you buy or sell.
  4. The same two methods can also be used to withdraw any Canadian funds from your account.
  5. Thanks to a review down below, I found ref_undcar t(spelt together, google search them).

And people talk about the difference in the fees. So I did a comparison of the fees while making a simultaneous trade on both Shakepay and Newton. You can start with even a few dollars of Bitcoin or Ethereum and fund it from your shakepay review checking account with a simple e-transfer if you live in Canada. Shakepay is only available for Canadians at the current time. Shakepay now has a VISA debit card that earns 1-2% on EVERYTHING you purchase back in Bitcoin.

The downside is that Shakepay charges one of the highest markups/downs of the major crypto exchanges that I’ve tested so far. Having said that, the total cost of trading is offset by the fact that there are no trading fees on top of the markup. Canadian cryptocurrency exchanges vary in the way they charge fees. Some, like Bitbuy, charge a commission fee when you trade. Shakepay makes money on the spread, which is built into the price when you buy or sell. The platform has never been hacked in its 7-year existence.Security audits.

Worst Customer Service – Freezing your funds.

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum withdrawals are also free because Shakepay covers the miner fees and gas fees. There are no annual fees, no monthly account fees, and you receive your cash back within 24 to 48 hours, a feature that sets it apart from other crypto reward cards. Payments are made using the Canadian dollar balance in your Shakepay app. Up until this week, made a deposit of $100 and then $1000.

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You can also send your BTC and ETH holdings to an external crypto wallet. This method is also free but subject to blockchain network fees. As for cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawal, it’s also free to deposit and withdraw.

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Interac e-Transfers can arrive in a few minutes while wire transfers take 1-2 working days. It goes against our guidelines to offer incentives for reviews. We also ensure all reviews are published without moderation. We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform. My husband just had currency stolen from his Shakepay account. The company is hard to talk to and they aren’t helping us at all – we will never use them again.

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The main purpose of this review is to respond to the 1 star reviews I read here. My experience was basically the opposite.I was able to do a few transfers and purchases immediately before they started requiring more security checks. After the 5th transfer they suddenly required a picture of my face, license and a document with the word “shakepay” written on it.

The reason for this is Shakepay’s commitment to certifications, and compliance with regulations and insurers. You can sign up for Shakepay in as little as 10 minutes and start immediately buying your crypto commission free (though, you will pay a 1-3% spread fee). Yes, since Shakepay is a licensed Money Service Business, transactions over $10,000 are reported to the CRA.

I have $1K in limbo and it’s pissing me off how long it’s taking when I email customer service. I was supposed to get an answer twice and it didn’t happen.Also, that waitlist for the new credit card is so ridiculous! People are just transferring funds to each other and playing tricks to move up in the ranks. Avoid this Canadian piece of garbage and get another wallet to use as well. If you must have this one, just keep a tiny bit on it in case another one crashes or something.

Shakepay is also extremely transparent with all their security measures and we can go and verify their security reports done by the 3rd party company they have hired. One unique thing Shakepay does to differentiate from competitors is having 0 fees. That’s right, zero deposit and withdrawal fees. Doesn’t it cost a fee to transact bitcoin over the network? They closed my account because they deemed I was a security risk.

Wire Transfers can take up to 2 business days and there is no maximum on the amount you can send but there is a maximum of $10,000. Otherwise, you can transfer in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) from an external crypto wallet. Shakepay does not charge any fees for this, but your transaction may be subject to blockchain network fees. When you open your Shakepay account, you are required to set up 2-factor authentication (2FA), also used by Canada’s big banks to secure their online banking. In addition, Shakepay uses email confirmations for withdrawals, and will notify you of any transactions, account logins, and password changes via email or SMS. There are two ways to fund your account with Canadian dollars, and you can also transfer crypto from your bitcoin wallet into your Shakepay account.

Keep that in mind and do your due diligence. Seems a lot of 1-2 star reviews are from people falling for scams and expecting Shakepay to compensate them for their negligence. However, Shakepay makes money on the spread between the buy and sell orders made through the platform. This leads to an effective fee rate of 1.75% per trade, sometimes referred to as a spread fee. Additionally, users who wish to make deposits or withdrawals via wire transfers may be charged additional fees by their respective banks. I recommend a friend to use this exchange, since I’m already a member and looking in to the referral bonus they offer.

This policy covers most damages, theft, and loss of private keys. We intend on increasing our policy to continue covering all digital currencies held in cold storage, as required. The safety of your money and digital currencies is one of the most important considerations when choosing an exchange.

In fact i had already lost it but quick thinking made me reach out to refund_cart i found them with the aid of a review and on google search as well. There are two ways to fund your account with Canadian dollars, eTransfer or Wire Transfer, and both are free. Interact eTransfer is definitely the quickest and easiest. I funded my account with $50 by eTransfer and it was instant.